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Plant Protein - Premium Quality

Plant Protein - Premium Quality

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Packed with Plant Power, QuenchLabz Plant Protein Isolate is scientifically formulated with a blend of clean and premium quality plant protein sourced from USA and is Informed Choice Certified; that wins on its Quality, best industry delicious taste, has instant mixability smooth and creamy texture with no chalky or grainy feeling. The very purpose of protein supplements is to help fulfil the requirements missing from the diet and enhance performance. 26g plant protein isolate blend of pea and brown rice protein enables you to achieve the same with a complete amino acid profile and maximum absorption. This pure vegan protein contains naturally occurring 4.6g BCAA, and 4.8g Glutamine which support muscle health, and recovery and help prevent muscle breakdown. QuenchLabz Plant protein also contains added digestive enzymes and probiotics which aid digestion, and help prevent bloating or GI distress. QuenchLabz Plant protein isolate is Informed Choice Certified with every batch regularly tested in the UK for banned substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to provide you with the highest quality and safe plant protein. Made with quality ingredients, this vegan protein has no bitter taste, or unpleasant smell and does not cause bloating or stomach upsets. Enjoy each serving of this premium quality and best tasting, QuenchLabz Plant Protein Isolate in 300 ml of water or your favorite smoothie, shake and drink. Available in delicious flavors with a smooth creamy texture for post workout muscle recovery, muscle building, and strength and for general well-being.


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I'm loving Quenchlabz's Plant Protein.The taste is smooth and delicious, no chalkiness. It blends like a dream, no clumps. Plus, it's packed with essential nutrients for a quick, convenient boost. My energy levels and muscle recovery have improved. Highly recommend for a tasty, plant-based protein option!

Plant protein

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