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Muscle Dominator

MD Isolate Whey Protein | 28 G Protein | 6 G BCAA

MD Isolate Whey Protein | 28 G Protein | 6 G BCAA

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The new Muscle Dominator Super Isolate is commanded by the purity of whey protein isolate, the purest protein, and has set a higher benchmark of purity for other proteins. A 33g serving size of super isolate contains 28g of whey protein isolate. It speeds up the rate of muscle recovery, post-exercise and delays the onset of fatigue by enhancing body strength. Due to these factors, gym lovers can work out for a longer duration. It is naturally rich in amino acids and glutamine. The high content of 19g essential amino acids in a serving of Muscle Dominator super isolate supports lean muscle gain and enables you to maximize your muscle-building efforts. 4.6g Glutamic acid helps initiate muscle recovery post-workout. Having 6g BCAA, 1.3g carb, and 0.23g fat per serving with zero added sugar, zero lactose, and zero trans-fat, this is the most impeccable protein powder supplement available. SULA-4 SUPER ISOLATE is a delicious whey protein isolate with the highest biological value obtained in a low-temperature process, with very low sugar content, fat and lactose-free, especially recommended for people with lactose allergy This product effectively enhances the anabolism (growth process in muscle cells), providing a positive nitrogen balance in the body, accelerating the regeneration and renewal processes. It can be successfully incorporated into diet programs that support the treatment of metabolic and degenerative diseases.


  • 28g of protein in 33g of serving with Zero Added Sugar and Zero Trans Fat.
  • Super Isolate is for consumers targeting lean muscle gain with Whey Protein Isolate being the only source of protein of Super Isolate.
  • Total 2.3g Carb, 0.23g Fat, and 6.0g BCAAs make the profile of super Isolate, Low carb an impeccable one for the consumers.
  • Super Isolate is free from added sugar and lactose and is formulated for calorie-conscious
  • Helps in muscle protein synthesis post-workout muscle tears with a fast absorption rate of protein
  • 28g Protein
  • 6g BCAA
  • 0g Sugar

Other Features:
  • Strength
  • Muscles
  • Recovery


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